Key Floor

Soft Floor

Glass Floor

Design process
After the research I focused on three ways of dealing with the electronic waste material.

There is many many ways how to assemble small particles of techno scrap. Therefore I limited myself with the following criteria:
- Material should be accessible in large quantities
- It should not require too much manual dismounting work
- It should make an interesting pattern
- It should not require the use of toxic material as base material
- It should communicate in an aesthetic and friendly way the large amount of electronic waste and therefore raise the awareness
- It should have a function
As result I made a bathroom mat made out of computer keyboard keys. The assembled keys are pleasant to walk on, shape of mat allows cleaning, the flexibility of the base material reminiscent the keyboard movement. The base material is recycled rubber mixed with polyurethane, which is environmentally acceptable.
| Key Floor |

There is at least a few materials within a computer which could be used in another way because of their extraordinary properties. Printed plates, for example, are highly heat resistant. The hard disks, floppy and disk drives are incased in a very strong element, many times made out of cast iron. They could be used as elements of construction. The ventilators could be assembled to create ventilation zones in, for example, discotheques. I focused on the rubber part of keyboard, which has a very pleasant tactility and enduring elasticity. I used it to make soft floor, where the keyboard rubber is placed under the usual floor topping such as linoleum or carpet.
The result is a pleasant soft floor comparable to high hair carpet. | Soft Floor |

The third proposal of this project is a glass floor. It is just one of many possibilities of reuse of TV and monitor glass. In near future we can expect an extremely large amount of CRTs being disposed because the new LCD technology has entered the market. Front glass of CRT has a very high clarity and a very nice shape. The curve responds to the angle of the electron flow, which is producing the image. The back of the CRT tube is made out of less precious glass, but also has a very nice shape. Luckily there is technology being developed in recycling sector to separate front from back glass. There is a large range of possibilities how we could use front screen tiles. Glass could be painted or sand blasted, we could make windows, floors, light elements etc.
The floor I am presenting is made out of TV glass in different sizes. I see it as a contemporary response to the medieval stone block pavement. | Glass Floor |