Technoscrap is looking for investors/architects/ designers/projects to implement or further develop the concept.
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As graduation project at IM master program at the Design Academy Eindhoven Tecnoscrap concluded phase I and was on display at the exhibition in DeWitteDame in July 2002.

TechnoScrap is a project about reuse of electronic waste in architecture. The materials incorporated in computer equipment are high quality materials. Engineered plastics, high quality metals, glass. The lifetime of PC is currently between five and three years, but the materials build in it are constructed to endure much longer. It is one of the first times in human history that we are disposing enormous amounts of practically new goods. Because the development of technology is so fast and we are driven by ever more demanding, ever better performing software.

The computer changed the way we perceive world, it brought a new dimension into our lives. Socially, visually, perceptually. It enhanced communication, enormous computing power enabled thousands of activities that would other way never been possible. Physically electronic technology is becoming smaller and smaller, even incomprehensibly small. But still in last twenty years of PC explosion we managed to produce incomprehensibly large mountain of obsolete computers, many of them still laying in our garages, waiting to be disposed. Still working, still flashy, they will never again be used.

With TechnoScrap I am making an attempt to use computer parts in buildings. Because the materials are still new, because they have special qualities and because I believe they are bringing interesting visual qualities. And because hopefully the technology is soon becoming so small that there will be nothing more to see. I also want to make a statement. That technology is not only amazing, but is also poisonous. That maybe we should think twice before we design a chip into a teddy bear. Or when we use plasma screen as a wallpaper. That it is not only the matter of price, but also the matter of consciousness.That it should be worth while.