..she. is. .. water. .. .obsession.. . ... .nothing.firm.. . ... . to.protect... . .shell... ..soft.. . . on the. ..inside. .warm and silent... . .... .. her soul...liquid.. .... her heart.. .strong. . ....her mind. ..never ending.. .

Do you remember? ..Before you were born. A cell. It was all warm and soft. Voices unclear. No inside, because there was no outside. No boundaries, because there was no perception. To feel alone, I close my eyes. I close my ears and wrap my self around me.



A waterwoman house.

This appartment includes a dance studio which is placed in the upper floor. The living room, dinig room and kitchen area are conected into one big open space in first floor. On the terrace in the upper floor there is a bowl of water wich is coming through the cieling above the dinig table. This bowl is in combination with artifical lightning creating an underwater light effect in the first floor of the appartment.

In the dance studio there is a posibility to place temporary rooms - bedbugs, which can be folded and put away. They are used by occasion guest dancers.