A seaman house.

The layout is composed of several rooms which are framing the view. They are all detached from the glass wall, so it is possible to walk all around. The walls not allways reach the ceiling.

The main idea of the design is to create different small spaces for different moods of the owner, and so to break the big space into small parts. In the most western part of the appartment there is 30 cm high podium which allows to have a 180 degrees view.

... it was enough. I gave you all I had, my love. There is no more strength in these arms, to fight your waves. Not enough air in these lungs. Your salt has eaten my eyes, your winds have burnt my heart. I will climb on a cliff and let the sun warm up my bones. And I will be looking down on you, dressed in starry night, or misty morning. Beautiful translucent lady. You will be my painting. I want to rest now. I want to remeber. I want to collect all the memories, I want to read all the books. I want to write letters. And than, I want to sit in big armchair and fall asleep.