May 2007 | Travels Through Paradise

Travels through Paradise
Megla participated in Travels Through Paradise, miniature landscape exhibition, curated by Cynthia Hathaway at Platform 21 in Amsterdam.

21 April - 27 May 2007

“What does paradise look like? In your own miniature world, it’s up to you. Platform 21 asked train hobbyists, designers, artists, architects and students to build a fantasy miniature landscape in our round upperfloor space. Each one has one metre to make fantasy reality.
Model-building is a creative, imaginative process, but one whose popularity issteadily losing ground to the digital world, gaming, and prefab building products. Therefore Cynthia Hathaway, guest curator at Platform 21, wanted to shine a spotlight on this medium, which is important to hobbyists as well as professionals.
Visitors can make a cinematic trip through the 55-metre fantasy landscape. The train carries a camera which films the scenery rolling by out the window. Taking you on a life-size ride through paradise…”

Travels through Paradise

With visions by: Albert Scholtheis, Anna Maria Cornelia de Gersem, Arno Verhoeven + Pirjo Haikola, Bart Wigger, Bas Sala, Ben Zegers, Bob de Mon (MSA), Cannell van Dien + Merel van Houts, Claudy Jongstra, Chris Kabel, Cynthia Hathaway, Daniel van der Veer, Ed Annink, Ed van Hinte, Edwin Vollebergh, Eefje Halters, Geert Bosch, Gerrit van der Meij, Gijs Huijgen, Guido Ooms, Guido Marsille, Hans Burtner (MSA), Hans op de Beeck, Ingo Giezendanner, Jaap Vriend (MSA), Jenske Dijkhuis, Jeroen Kee, Jeroen Visee, Jo Meesters + Jet Scholte + Harm Rensink, Johannes Sterk, Kim Adams, Kim de Regt, Lauriane Lasselin, Liesbeth Fit, Maria Blaisse + Thomas Reineke, Martine Mulder, Mees de Jong, Melle Smets, Mia Lerssi, Miranda Lossifidis(OMA), Next Architects, Nicolaï Jurgens, Nicolette Brunklaus, René Caspers, Saskia Beers, Sjoerd Kerkstra, Soul Matters, Studio Makkink & Bey, Ted Noten + Nienke Beers, Theun Karelse, Todd Falkowsky, Ursula Lavrencic, Yasser Ballemans

Travels through Paradise