February 2009 | Lightwave

We’re pleased to announce that Cell Phone Disco is part of the LIGHTWAVE exhibition at the Science Gallery, Dublin.

Now in its second year LIGHTWAVE gives an unique chance to experiment with illumination in the company of a bright and buzzing community of scientists, engineers, philosophers and techno-artists who are passionate about the visible spectrum. From January 23-31st the LIGHTWAVE festival will thrill and delight Dublin city, and the LIGHTWAVE exhibition will continue until February 20th.

After WIRED NextFest’08 in Chicago and the 3rd International Contemporary Art Biennale, Seville we have initiated a development of a new sensor and have build a new modular installation. We started working with engineers Janez Jazbar and Ales Vrhovec and the results are very promising. We managed to boost the sensitivity substantially, have improved the brightness of the installation and embedded new kinds of responsiveness. The installation works beautifully and is extremely light weight and easy to build up. In coming months we will be showing it at NEXT no. 6 in Ã…rhus, Denmark and YOU_ser 2.0 at the ZKM Media Museum in Karlsruhe, Germany.